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What is TopScore?

TopScore is a Web3 platform that helps users understand and manage their social reputation, track their social engagement, and monetize their content. It features an easy-to-use interface and leverages the social distribution effect to boost engagement and influence.

Product key features

Personal analytical dashboard: Allows users to track their social engagement, publication performance, and monetization capabilities.
Social reputation measurement tool: Helps users understand how they are perceived by others in their social network.
Social circle and reputation management: Allows users to build and maintain relationships with key influencers.
Subscription and on-demand services using NFTs: Allows users to monetize their Web3 social media content through token and NFTs.
With TopScore, users can easily and efficiently manage their online presence and maximize their success on Web3 social media platforms.

Value proposition

"Maximize your social media influence with TopScore. Our platform helps you track your social engagement, understand your social reputation, and monetize your content – all in one easy-to-use interface."
"Grow your online presence with TopScore. Our personal analytical dashboard and reputation management tools give you the insights and tools you need to build and maintain a strong social reputation and increase your influence."
"TopScore is the ultimate platform for Web3 social media success. With our advanced analytics, reputation management tools, and NFT-based monetization options, you can take control of your online presence and generate revenue from your content."
"TopScore helps you unlock the full potential of your Web3 social media presence. With our comprehensive suite of tools, you can track your engagement, build relationships with key influencers, and monetize your content – all in one place."

Product Framework


TopScore acknowledges the creator economy and facilitates efficient content creation. By conducting a comprehensive analysis of the multidimensional on-chain data. TopScore furnishes users with an elaborate account of their previous content creation experiences. The platform integrated with advanced AI tools to guide users in creating content in a more systematic and effective manner.


TopScore facilitates the cultivation and expansion of users' digital presence. It entails a diverse array of undertakings, including conceptualizing posts, interacting with fellow creators to determine what content resonates most with followers, and ultimately establishing a robust following on social media. By effectively building and nurturing their online community, users can augment their influence and leverage a host of opportunities for monetization.


TopScore concentrates on comprehensive analysis of previous content and offers an array of promotional data to enable creators capitalize on their creations. With TopScore, users can monetize their web3 social media presence and transform their interests into a profitable business.

Implemented Functions


TopScore employs a six-dimensional analysis approach that offers a comprehensive view of users' social media presence. The six dimensions include Influence, Creation, Collection, Curation, Engagement, and Campaign. By examining a user's performance across these dimensions, TopScore generates a Score and Rank that provides users with an insight into their overall social media performance.
TopScore Profile


  • Ranking & Weekly Change: We aim to offer users a visualization of their social media performance by presenting their ranking and weekly progress in various aspects including Creation, Campaign, and Engagement. This visualization empowers users to gain valuable insights into their social media behavior and make informed decisions that help them enhance their social media presence.
  • Optimal Post Time
    • Global: A heat map indicated the active hours of global users, giving the optimal time to post and increase social media exposure potential (24h*7D*4W). We present data on five metrics, including
      • Post
      • Comment
      • Mirror
      • Collect (Times)
      • Collection Volume (WMATIC)
    • Personal: A heat map indicated the optimal posting timing based on users’ personal followers engagement patterns. We provide a detailed breakdown across four key dimensions, include
      • Comment (by)
      • Mirror (by)
      • Collect (by Times)
      • Volume (WMATIC)
TopScore Create
  • Annual Publication: An annual heat map that presents the yearly activity distribution with three significant dimensions, including Post, Comment, and Mirror. This publication provides users with the ability to detect patterns and trends in their social media behavior, which can inform their social media strategy and enhance future performance.
  • Engagements + Followers Trend Graph
    • Display the latest published content and track the available engagement metrics (comments, mirror), allowing for comparisons of single or multiple publications.
    • Display an analysis of recent operations in conjunction with Follower trend, providing insights into the performance of social media content and overall influence.
    • Detailed information regarding specific publications is available.
  • Collect + Earnings Trend Graph
    • Display the latest information on user’s published and hot pubs' collect count, with the ability to compare both single and multiple pubs.
    • Display an analysis of recent creations to determine the quality and effectiveness in the context of Collect's revenue trend.
    • Available specific pub details for further insights and analysis.
TopScore Trend Graph