🌏Product Roadmap


  • Multi-chain aggregation - Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain

  • Live relational data solution - GraphX

  • Live tagging-based data solution - DVC


  • User-centric data accessible on IPFS/Arweave/S3

  • A Knowledge Graph based, Web3 multi-dimension relationship explorer - Mashmesh


  • Smart contract direct access to cross-platform user-centric data through proxy contract backed by oracle solution

  • Smart contract allows to access SQL database through oracle solution


  • Persona-centric GraphX & DVC

  • First Web3-native GNN backed social recommendation service launch

  • First persona-based on-chain reputation based on KNN3 DataFi service launch

  • Campaign tool backed by KNN3 user profiling service launch


K.Transformer Version 0

  • Support for KNN3 API access with usage control

K.Transformer Version 1

  • Support for Customized API and AI assisted SQL writing feature

  • Improved data processing capabilities

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