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A Web3 Data solution that incorporates AI technology

What is KNN3 Network?

KNN3 Network offers a Web3 Data solution that leverages AI technology to facilitate sophisticated, user-friendly data services for both individual users and enterprises. With seamless access across multiple platforms, KNN3's offerings are designed to enable algorithm-friendly interaction with Web3 data. Furthermore, the data provided is accessible for use in decentralized applications and smart contracts.


Driving a future of trustless and permissionless Web3 DataFi networks, KNN3 aims to facilitate the decentralization of the Web3 flywheel. We want to turn back data sovereignty to users and help to build a robust Web3 ecosystem through empowering interoperability for d/Apps and smart contracts.


In the current Web3 world, (1) data silos have become the most significant issue confronting the savvy developing d/Apps whilst the native barrier of Smart Contract creates segregation of the data interoperability. KNN3 Network solves the problem by providing on-chain accessibility of multi-chain data; (2) meanwhile, in the Web2 world, large companies have a monopoly over users’ data which damages the intrinsic value of data. Correspondingly, KNN3 Network is committed to adopting a trustless path to enable the possibility of conversion from off-chain data to on-chain credits, thereby reconstructing the intrinsic value of data.


When people are immersed in GameFi, SocialFi, DeFi or speculation, they tend to pay more attention to product experience and financial gains and losses, ignoring that the bottom-level data is gradually forming a stage of scale and shape. Here we propose DataFi solutions, to expand individual’s and organization's data capabilities

KNN3 Network provides DataFi solutions with the following 3 features:

  • Usability - KNN3 Network provides versatile and friendly data service for d/Apps & smart contracts. KNN3 Network makes it easy and convenient to retrieve user-centric data in various approaches, such as GraphX and DVC(Dynamics Verifiable Credentials).

  • Accessibility - KNN3 Network allows d/Apps and smart contracts to have on-chain access to multi-chain user-centric data in one place. Due to the unindexed and unstructured on-chain data storage, smart contracts can never access any historical data from 1000 blocks away from any smart contracts. We will expand the capabilities of smart contracts to query multi-chain user data in SQL-style while preserving the intrinsic value of trusted data.

  • Credibility - In order to defend the data sovereignty of users, KNN3 Network adopts the trustless path to offer cross-platform credible user data without breaking the intrinsic value of data credibility. Along with the services of KNN3, the intrinsic value of data would be retained via activating dynamic credential data, in the form of proof-of-assets, proof-of-credit, and proof-of-reputation.

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