💡Real-time Data Service

K.Transformer's Real-Time Data Retrieval service enables developers to directly interact with the KNN3 API, gaining a comprehensive understanding of user identity, behavior credentials, and relationship data like never before. From DIDs, Social Graph, Twitter, DeFi, GameFi, and Governance Tools, to the aggregated data and more, K.Transformer provides an extensive range of real-time data sources to fuel your Web3 applications. Stay one step ahead with real-time data retrieval, leading you to make instant, data-driven decisions.

In addition, through Chainlink Keeper, we can automate data synchronization to smart contract in a trustless way. We can also design a query process for a single request to a specified address. What we are also trying to achieve is to allow smart contracts to customize SQL-query, through Chainlink Oracle & SQL handler EA, SQL-query can be done permissionlessly without further integration and registration. From the perspective of data availability, Our partners and us will build a user-centric large-scale shared data warehouse, combined with web3-native extensions, so that d/Apps based on hybrid smart contracts have universal multi-chain and cross-platform accessibility.

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