An agile, serverless, and intelligent Web3 data service platform.

What is K.Transformer

K.Transformer is the ultimate solution that simplifies complex Web3 data exploration with an agile and accessible solution, enabling users to focus on their business needs. As a Platform as a Service solution, K.Transformer provides a serverless environment, eliminating the need for complex infrastructure management. Seamlessly integrate data in minutes and accelerate your Web3 data product business with K.Transformer.

K.Transformer Fundamentals

1. Web3 User-centric Data

In Web3 open network, the USER (Address, DID) is the best vehicle to anchor any kind of user data among different platforms and scenarios. By attaching user data to user identity, dApp developers can focus on exploring user value with a fully structured user data profile.

2. Web3 Graph Data

Web3 goes beyond mere data structures. It introduces a transformative mindset for product design. By embracing the power of interconnected data, Web3 product development takes a quantum leap, enabling the creation of substantial value through meaningful connections and relationships.

3. Programmable Data Layer

With a programmable data layer, developers gain access to solutions that simplify data access, processing, and manipulation. This empowers them to effortlessly create custom applications that tap into the full potential of data-driven innovation.

K.Transformer Offers

1. Agility

  • Fast roll-out of data flows to business requirements

  • Serverless architecture

K.Transformer embraces agility as a core principle, enabling swift roll-out of data flows that align with your business needs. With the ability to quickly adapt to changing requirements, K.Transformer empowers you to stay ahead in the Web3 landscape. Leveraging a serverless architecture, it ensures seamless scalability and effortless deployment, eliminating the need for complex infrastructure management.

2. Interoperability

  • Cross-platform data integration and access

  • Flexible connections to various applications

In the interconnected Web3 world, interoperability is crucial. K.Transformer excels in facilitating cross-platform data integration and access, allowing you to seamlessly connect and collaborate with various applications. Break free from data silos as K.Transformer provides flexible connections, enabling smooth data exchange between different systems.

3. Usability

  • Accessible to users of all levels of technical expertise

  • AI-assisted script writing

K.Transformer is designed to ensure accessibility for users of all technical expertise. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly features, K.Transformer breaks down barriers to data exploration and utilization. Additionally, K.Transformer leverages AI-assisted script writing, simplifying complex tasks and enabling even novice users to effortlessly harness the full potential of their data.

How it Works

Real-time Data Service

K.Transformer's Real-Time Data Retrieval service enables developers to directly interact with the KNN3 API, gaining a comprehensive understanding of user identity, behavior credentials, and relationship data like never before. From DIDs, Social Graph, Twitter, DeFi, GameFi, and Governance Tools, to the aggregated data and more, K.Transformer provides an extensive range of real-time data sources to fuel your Web3 applications. Stay one step ahead with real-time data retrieval, leading you to make instant, data-driven decisions.

Lambda-style Workflow Service

Our lambda-style workflow service uses AI-assisted SQL writing and SQL templates to seamlessly generate APIs through a guided workflow. This revolutionary feature simplifies the retrieval and processing of data, enabling users to swiftly and efficiently access the information they require. By eliminating the need for intricate development tasks, this innovative capability streamlines the API creation process, empowering users to effortlessly extract the data they need without any complexity or technical hurdles.

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