🏡KNN3 Data Fundamentals

KNN3 Network implemented a series of data aggregation & pre-processing work to convert multi-chain / cross-platform data into user-centric, indexed & ready-to-query data service.

1. Web3 User-centric Data

In Web3 open network, the USER (Address, DID) is the best vehicle to anchor any kind of user data among different platforms and scenarios. By attaching user data to user identity, dApp developers can focus on exploring user value with a fully structured user data profile.

2. Web3 Graph Data

The data footprints of user interactions on the Internet are invisibly gathered into data graphs, which can form a sustainable network ecosystem in continuous mining and analysis. In the Web3 era, decentralized social graphs are one of the secrets to rapid product launch, and ownership and utility begin to be in the hands of the user audience, and the unrestricted combinatorial and composite nature of each application makes the world more fluid and open.

Our graph data goes beyond mere data structures. It introduces a transformative mindset for product design. By embracing the power of interconnected data, Web3 product development takes a quantum leap, enabling the creation of substantial value through meaningful connections and relationships.

3. Programmable Data Layer

KNN3 Network supports organizing the multidimensional data of Web3 multi-chain ecology in an unstructured way, facilitating data aggregation queries, correlation queries, and deep mining, which can effectively enhance the ability of Web3 applications to use data. In other words, KNN3 Network supports upper-level data analysis and data mining by storing multi-chain user-authorized data and data interfaces, allowing developers to more efficiently find, connect, analyze, and gain insight into user relationship data, easily realize efficient querying of deep relational data, and even quickly make N-degree relationship recommendations, content subscription push, and provide high-level intelligent business behavior, trend prediction, and other services. Developers can retrieve the unstructured multidimensional data provided by KNN3 Network.

With a programmable data layer, developers gain access to solutions that simplify data access, processing, and manipulation. This empowers them to effortlessly create custom applications that tap into the full potential of data-driven innovation.

Specifically, data provided by KNN3 Network can be classified into:

  • Verifiable tags of on-chain activities (Trades, DeFi staking)

  • Ownership status of assets and content (NFT, Mirror, etc.)

  • On-chain identities (.bit, ens, etc.)

  • Social status (Lens, Twitter)

  • Participation in community governance & events (Snapshot, POAP, Gitcoin, etc.)

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