We are dedicated to helping users easily enter Web3, conveniently experience native Web3 protocols, and more thoroughly explore Web3 knowledge. Join us in exploring the new features and changes brought by this upgrade, adding more fun and convenience to your Web3 journey!

What is TypoGraphy AI?

Crafted for Web3 newcomers, TypoGraphy AI offers an intuitive Web3 knowledge search and learning experience. It consolidates fragmented information sources and Web3 protocols in one place, effectively breaking down entry barriers of Web3.

  • TypoGraphy AI aims to make Web3 intuitive through natural language conversations. Ask us anything, and we'll provide tailored answers drawing from the latest on-chain data, project updates, and community insights.

  • Onboard with ease using our guidance and plugins for wallets, protocols, marketplace, dapps, and more. TypoGraphy AI helps you learn by doing.

  • Stay up-to-date on breaking news and trends with our digest of expert analyses, social buzz, and platform announcements. We spotlight emerging projects, leaks, rumors, and more - curated just for you.

  • Connect with like-minded individuals, join communities, and discover events relevant to your interests. TypoGraphy AI helps you find your home across various Web3 ecosystems.

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