Seamless Knowledge Discovery Experience

We have redesigned the way users interact with TypoGraphy AI, separating document search and conversational Q&A functions to better align with user habits. Try “What are the latest Web3 projects?” in TypoGraphy AI!

Quote and Follow-up

When the user wants to learn more about the answer from TypoGraphy AI, he can click 'Quote' to continue interacting in a conversational manner, such as asking TypoGraphy AI to translate responses into other languages, reformat them for readability, or provide further information about a project.

Source List

In TypoGraphy AI's responses, we provide a Sources list for the referenced materials, enhancing the reliability of the answers and making it easier for users to track information sources. Additionally, for users to quickly and conveniently understand the content of these references, they can click on 'Preview' to rapidly and easily grasp the essence of the cited content without needing to click on or navigate to external links.

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